A Reason Why Members of the Local Russian Colony Left the Russian Church.

The following is a translation of a letter published in last Saturday’s issue of the Franco-Californian, the organ of the French people in this city:

On Russian Christmas, January 6, members of the colony, in view of the cordiality now existing between Russia and France, requested Archbishop Nicholas not to chant, as he had announced he would, a Te Deum in celebration of the departure of Napoleon from Moscow in 1812.

The prelate not only refused to grant the request but in an allocution declared that if the Emperor Nicholas during his recent visit to Paris went to visit the tomb of Napoleon at the Hotel des Invalades, that had nothing to do with religion.

Following the declaration, the persons who had addressed the request to the Archbishop left the Russian church when the first notes of the Te Deum were intoned.

G. Walder,

ex-Captain of the Russian army.

San Francisco Call, Monday, January 11, 1897, p. 12:2.

Reprinted in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 2, No. 5, January 1995.