Hegoumen George (Chudnovsky)


One of the monks on Holy Mountain informed us that by the will of God, on 15 December 1896, Father Hegoumen George fell asleep.

Father Hegoumen was not a stranger to our diocese. For a while he was rector of the Cathedral church in San Francisco and a member of the Alaskan Consistory. For about a year he was a missionary amidst the Indians know as Koloshi, on the Kilisnu Island, not far from Sitka. Under his supervision, a small wooden church was built and dedicated to the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-called. Through his efforts, several hundred Koloshi were baptized there.

Father Hegoumen George was born in the diocese of Chernigov; he studied in the Chernigov seminary, which he successfully graduated. He began his monastic ministry on Athos, and there he completed his journey. Twice he was a missionary in Japan, and several years he lived in Jerusalem at the local mission there. He died in the Bulgarian Monastery Zographou from a throat disease. He was buried at the same monastery.

May the Lord forgive him all his transgressions and give him rest where the just repose.

M. Z.

Pravoslavnii Amerikanskii Vestnik [Orthodox American Messenger]. No. 11, February 1-13, 1897, pp. 213-214