Members of the San Francisco Colony Are Preparing.




A Committee to Raise Funds Has Been Appointed and Is Now at Work.


The whole Greek colony is more than anxious to make flying trip "home" and join in the prospective fight with the Turks. "Crete will be part of Greece inside of two months," said an enthusiastic Greek yesterday, "and inside of six months there will be no Turkish empire in Europe. King George is not to be trifled with and his son is a man of war. Prince George is a personal friend of the Czar and saved his life in Japan during their tour of the world. The relationship between England and Greece is well known and the former will side with Greece every time. It looks as though Greece was going into the war alone, but I can assure you that when it comes to blows, as it assuredly will, you will find England and Russia backing up the old mother country."

Last Wednesday night the members of the Greek colony held a long meeting on Montgomery avenue. The state of affairs in Crete was discussed and speeches in favor of sending a company to the aid of home country were given. Wiser counsels prevailed, however, and it was finally decided to raise money for the widows and children of the murdered Christians. A committee of ten was appointed to raise funds, of which the following are the officers: M. D. Vamvales, A. Costa, J. Dimitracopulos, P. Pandazes and G. Stathopulos. All these gentlemen will be glad to receive subscriptions for the starving poor in Crete and will publish a full statement of the manner in which the money has been used.

The younger members of the Greek colony are not satisfied with the manner in which the older heads disposed of the matter. They want war and war they will have. "All Europe is anxious to get rid of the Turks," said one of them yesterday. "It remains, however, for Greece to take the initiative, and when we are through with the Turks it will be all Greece and no Turkey. There are twenty-five of us ready to sail at a moment’s notice, and I will guarantee that in a week’s time we can raise a company 150 strong in this State alone who will go and fight the battles of the fatherland."

Some time ago a company of Greeks organized to sail for Cuba in the interests of the insurgents. Offers of men from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia poured in and finally the lists had to be closed. All these men will now be sent to Crete. That is if the Grecian Government signifies its approval.

Subscriptions in aid of the sufferers in Crete can be sent to M. D. Vamvales and other members of the committee.

The San Francisco Call, Saturday, February 13, 1897, p. 9:1.