Programme of the Greek Entertainment Arranged for To-Night.


A Merchant of Alexandria Will Devote His Fortune to His Country.


The Hellenic Society is rapidly getting things into shape for the entertainment at the Turn Verein Hall this evening, and has already drawn up the following programme, which will be added to in the interim:

Address, A. Splivalo; R. N. Walsh and Miss Adele Ligon, novelty musical instrumentalists; Tom Tregellas in the latest song of the day; Lilie and Martin, clubswinging; George Donohue, famous Mission barytone; Allen and Hart, the finest team in San Francisco; Dick McCreadie, minstrel tenor; Miss C. Wetien, whistling solo; Harry McGuren, negro specialties; Miss Lillie Allen, song; operatic trio, Harry Turnbull, Frank Plate and F. B. Alien; Alex Pantages of San Francisco and Pat McCabe of Los Angeles in a three-round boxing exhibition; Len Wiggin of San Francisco and Shoenfield Fritz of San Jose in a three-round boxing exhibition; Miss Irene Radovich, new and graceful dances; symbolic representation of Crete, Macedonia and America by three young ladies. G. B. Allen, stage manager.

G. Demetrak, the president of the Hellenic society, has announced his intention of preparing a written statement of the aims and objects of the San Francisco Greeks for publication at an early date.

The latest issue of the New York Atlantis states the Averrof, a Greek merchant of Alexandria, said to be worth 25,000,000 francs, has offered to devote the whole of his fortune to assist his country in the event of a war with Turkey. Other well known Greeks, the paper goes on to say, will follow Averrof’s example. The latter was one of the chief promoters of the revival of the Olympic games and has given large sums of money to school, colleges and charitable institutions.

The San Francisco Call, Saturday, February 27, 1897, p. 16:5.