1897, 31 March

I visited this sacred for every Russian man place... With sadness I saw the desolating sacrilege in the holy place... Prayed for our fathers and brethren who lay asleep here... May the Lord give rest to the souls of our fallen dear and venerable compatriots and grant forgiveness of sins to those who durst giving away this place purchased with the Russian blood.

Nicholas, Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska

The undersigned, a native born of California, and a priest of the Holy Orthodox Russian Church has visited the historic landmarks of Fort Ross - sacred to the hearts of christians, who observe the progress of each and all Governments and nations with jealous eye. I have had the honor to visit this place and pray in the old cemetery yonder on the hill (for we could not in the church, which is now, - since the stars and stripes have been raised - a House of Cattle) in company with the Most Reverend Bishop Nicholas and Mr. P. Grepachevsky. April 12th 1897.

Sebastian Dabovich

1897, 31 Mar/12 Apr.

I had an opportunity and pleasure to observe this beautiful place which earlier has belonged to my compatriots (in the beginning of the XIX century).

Reader of the Cathedral church in San Francisco, Paul Grepachevsky.

Address of all of us: 1715 Powell Str., San Francisco.

Published in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 3, No. 11, July 1996