Will Aid the Widows and Orphans of Their Country.




A Meeting to Be Held on Tuesday Evening to Arrange a Plan of Campaign.


The loyal Greeks of San Francisco, in the depth of their sympathy for their struggling countrymen, are about to make another effort to help them by raising a fund to forward to Athens. The following appeal was issued yesterday by those who sign it:

Incited by patriotic devotion to their native land and moved by sympathy for the sufferings of those of their countrymen who, now engaged in a desperate struggle against the common enemy of Christianity, are compelled to sacrifice everything upon the altar of their country, a large number of citizens of San Francisco who are of the Hellenic race, together with sympathizers of the Hellenic cause, have organized the Hellenic Christian Aid Society of San Francisco, Cal., for the purpose of collecting funds and rendering such relief as may be in their power to those engage in the heroic struggle.

In view of the fact that Greece, to-day, single-handed and alone, is fighting the battle of all Christendom against the Turk, we feel justified in appealing to you, and to others who may sympathize with us, to come to the assistance of the Hellenic Christian Aid Society in the work it has undertaken.

We therefore beg that you will, without delay, take such action that may to you seem most practicable to raise all the money possible for the cause. Trusting that you may be in hearty accord with us in this noble work, we remain, most respectfully yours,

A. Goustiaux, Acting Greek Consul, President.

G. P. Tsikoores, Vice-President.

George Valianos, Second Vice-President.

S. Angel, Treasurer.


To give the raising of the fund an impetus a meeting has been called for Tuesday evening next at 26 O’Farrell street, where leaders of the Greek colony will address the meeting and urge the Hellenes of this City to put forth their utmost endeavors to make the subscription a big one.

Plans for raising funds outside of subscriptions will also be discussed and committees appointed to see that the good work is done in a Systematic manner.

M. D. Vanvales, president of the Hellenic Mutual Benevolent Society, is taking great interest in the matter, and the organization over which he presides will head the subscription list with $50, its third contribution in the aid of the widows and orphans of Greece.


The San Francisco Call, Sunday, May 30, 1897, p. 8:1