The Chief Actor in the Tragedy at Tirespol to Be Tried for Burying Many Persons Alive.

ODESSA, Russia, June 3. — Feodore Kovaloff, chief actor in the immuring tragedy at Tirespol, has arrived here for trial.

On his premises were recently discovered six bodies of persons who had been buried alive, and he confessed that he walled up in his cellar nine living persons, including his wife and two children. They all belonged to a fanatical sect known as Raskol Niki and sought salvation by self-immolation.

Kovaloff declared that all the victims dies voluntarily. He drew lots with a cofanatic to decide who should actually bury the victims. He earnestly desired to be buried alive himself, and is still impelled by a fanatic desire to commit suicide. For this reason the officials are keeping a strict watch on him.

The San Francisco Call, Friday, June 4, 1897, p. 2:1.