Kovaloff may disappear.

Russian in a Dilemma Regarding the Fanatic Who Buried Alive Fifteen Persons.

ODESSA, Russia, June 18. - The judicial authorities here are in a dilemma respecting Feodor Kovaloff, a member of the fanatical religious sect known as the Raskolniki, who is charged with burying alive fifteen persons, including his wife and two children. The Minister of Justice, after prolonged consideration, declined to deal with the case and referred it to the synodal court. The procurator of the Holy Synod refused to adjudicate the case, and it has been formally remitted to the district court at Tirespol, where the crimes were committed.

It is probable that Kovaloff will not be tried anywhere, but will disappear from the public gaze by the mysterious procedure known as an "administrative order." The solicitude of the civil and ecclesiastical officials to hush the matter is significant. It is feared that if the members of the Raskolniki, who are even more ignorant than members of the orthodox church, learn the details of the affair, they will demand that the martyrs be canonized.

The San Francisco Call, Saturday, June 19, 1897, p. 1