An engagement just announced, that is of more than passing interest in Russian church and social circles, is that of Peter Popoff, nephew of Bishop Nicholas, and Miss Julia Metropolsky, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Metropolsky.

The fair young bride to be has seen but sixteen short summers, and is a valued member of the Russian Orthodox Church choir.

Mr. Popoff is a reader in the church and is studying for the priesthood, but according to the canons of the Eastern church, he cannot be ordained until he has taken unto himself a wife. The nuptials of Miss Metropolsky and Mr. Popoff will be celebrated shortly after Christmas, although no definite date has as yet been arranged.

The San Francisco Call, Friday, December 3, 1897, p. 9:3.

Reprinted in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 2, No. 4, December 1994.