From the Diocesan Financial Report for 1897

January 1898

The wages of the Bishop of the Aleuts and Alaska were issued to the Right Reverend Nicholas, Bishop of the Aleuts and Alaska, in sum of $3,845.31

The wages and housing allowances of an Archpriest remain on the balance as the vacancy was not filled $2,194.90

From that salary $320.00 was used for the establishment of the newspaper Svet (Light) and publication of this paper in the Ukrainian language. This money was sent to the Priest of the Old Forge church, G. Grushka.

The wages of a priest in a sum of $1,229.84

were spent thus:

1) to the Priest D[mitry] Kamnev for January, February, March and April $629.84

2) to the Hieromonk Sebastian [Dabovich] attached to the Cathedral for the year $600.00

The wages of a deacon in a sum of $705.76

were spent thus:

1) to a Priest of Ansonia church, N[icholas] Vasiliev for January, February, March, April, May, June and July from the Cathedral deacon’s salary without housing allowances $527.12

2) to the reader of the Cathedral Church P[eter] Popov, appointed to the deacon’s vacancy at the Cathedral, for 23 days in November and for December, including housing allowances $178.64

Translated from the Russian and published in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Jan. 1998.