San Francisco, Cal.

April 28/1898

To His Eminence Bishop Nicholas

of Alaska and Aleutian islands

Your Eminence!

I take the liberty to address to You a few lines, hoping that you will kindly excuse me for my impertinence.

Being sick now over two months, and not being able to perform my duties, as I ought to, I kindly beg Your Eminence to find another man to take my place, because the doctor advised me, that "it is very unhealthy to be in the dust," and I must leave my present position, if I want to get cured, or in the contrary he is not responsible for the consequences.

I will always remember Your kindness toward me, and Your fatherly advises by which You were always trying to bring me to that road, which leads to happiness and virtue; and I will be grateful till my last moment.

If Your Eminence thinks it proper, I will come and read in the Church, as I used to do.

Hoping that Your Eminence will kindly excuse me for the wrongs I have done.

I remain kissing Your Holiness’ right hand

Your obedient servant

Anthony D. Verra

Published in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 5, No. 8, April 1998