From the Alaskan Spiritual Consistory

Some of the clergy addressed a question to His Grace the Right Reverend Nicholas, Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska: When is it proper to commemorate the President of the United States at the liturgy and other services?

In accordance with His Grace’s instruction, the Alaskan Spiritual Consistory directs that the commemoration of the President is permitted only at the liturgy of the catechumens – in the great and augmented litanies – and nowhere else. At the other services – both morning and evening – commemoration is permitted in the litanies, after the commemoration of "the Orthodox Monarch and All Royal House," and also at the proclamation of "Many Years," when the prayer services are performed on the occasion of the liberation of America from England, and other similar cases.

The custom of praying for the health and prosperity of ruler of the country comes from deep antiquity and is based on the commandment of Apostle Paul in his epistle to Timothy, Ch. 2, verses 1-3, and other places of Holy Scripture.

American Orthodox Messenger, No. 24, August 15-27, 1898, p. 697.