Celebrated With Great Pomp and Very Impressive Ceremonies.

Christmas, which, according to the liturgy of the Græco-Russian Church, falls on January 6, was celebrated yesterday morning at 10 o’clock with great pomp and most impressive ceremonies at the Cathedral on Powell street. The chapel was beautifully decorated with evergreen and holly, and the myriads of lighted candles and gorgeous vestments of gold and silk worn by the celebrants formed a picture of glittering splendor.

Bishop Tikhon, who recently arrived from Russia to assume charge of this diocese, officiated at the mass in full pontifical robes. He was assisted by Archimandrites Theoklitis and Anatoly and Rev. Father Pashkovsky. Rev. Peter Popoff was the archdeacon and Theodore Dabovich and John Kazanskoff acted as sub-deacons. The acolytes in attendance were Ferris Kappa, Cosmo Constantine and Homer Kappa.

The regular mass of the Russian church was intoned in the old Slavonic and Greek languages, the major part of the intonation being rendered by Archdeacon Popoff in a deep, sonorous bass voice.

Special Christmas music was sung by an augmented choir, composed of Paul Ligda, leader and bass; sopranos, Mesdames N. Miller and Popoff; altos, Miss X. Metropolsky and Miss M. Dabovich; tenor, M. Kreevsky, who came from Russia with Bishop Tikhon, and who has been appointed leader of the choir; and N. Krasoff, bass.

The services were lengthy, and it was 1 o’clock before the large congregation that had gathered to do honor to the Redeemer on his anniversary filed out of the sacred edifice.

The San Francisco Call, Saturday, January 7, 1899.

Reprinted in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 6, No. 5, January 1999.