Rev. Sebastian Dabovich, Who Has Been Honored by the Czar of Russia.


In formation was received yesterday by the Rev. Sebastian Dabovich of this city that the Order of St. Anne had been conferred on him by the Czar of Russia. This is the second order presented to the minister during the past two years. He received the handsome order of Daniel of Montenegro from Prince Nicholas two years ago, and he prizes both very highly.

The doctor is of the opinion that the degree was awarded to him through the influence of Bishop Nicholas, who left this city a year ago and had an audience with the Czar, at which he probably recommended the local divine by reason of the assistance he had rendered him in his work.

The Order of Daniel, he says, was conferred on him for his kindnesses to Servians and Montenegrin subjects in this city and for the articles he has written on the province of Montenegro and of its struggles against the Turks and other tribes.

Dr. Dabovich is a traveling missionary connected with the Holy Trinity Cathedral. He was born in this city in 1863 and received his early education in the public schools of San Francisco. On graduating from the latter he entered a religious school and upon concluding his studies in 1884 he went to Alaska and served in that country. In 1889 he journeyed to Russia and entered the Theological Academy of St. Petersburg. On Graduating in 1892 he returned to this city and took up missionary work, and is engaged in that labor at the present time. He has written a number of books and has also contributed to magazines. His sermons at the Cathedral are extremely popular and cover a wide range of topics on matters pertaining to the Orthodox church.

The San Francisco Call, Wednesday, June 17, 1899