Plea for Unity of Catholic Churches


Greek Clergyman Expounds What the Orthodox Faith Has Done for Russia.


An interesting lecture was delivered last night at the Church of the Advent by the Rev. Father Sebastian Dabovich of the Russian Cathedral. The subject of the discourse was, "The Relations Between Eastern and Western Catholicism and What the Orthodox Church Has Done For Russia." Seated on the platform with the reverend lecturer were Rt. Rev. Bishop Moreland, Episcopal Bishop of Sacramento, by whom he was introduced; Rev. Father Parrish, rector of the Church of the Advent; Rev. Father Radcliffe, Rev. Edgar Lion, Rev. Father Bartlett and Rev. Mr. Monges.

In his lecture, Father Dabovich spoke of the severe struggle which the Greek church has experienced in this country and Alaska. He deprecated the fact that the Apostolic Catholic Church of Russia had met with so little interest and he attributed it to the unfavorable light in which the Episcopal and Anglican Churches were placed, owing to the attitude of the Roman church. The first part of the lecture was concluded with an earnest hope that God will some day unite all branches of the Catholic church.

"Russia owes everything to the orthodox church," said Father Dabovich, "which created her government and endowed it with the breath of life. Russia’s strength lies in her orthodoxy and it is impossible to separate the idea of religion from that of country. In preparing for battle whole armies have prayed and received the sacraments. In the Mongolian invasion it was the orthodox faith that sustained and forted the people and finally delivered Russia from her enemies."

At the conclusion of the lecture a collection was taken up for the joint benefit of the new Russian Cathedral and the payment of the debt of the Church of the Advent.

The San Francisco Call, Wednesday, March 21, 1900, p. 3:1.