Miss Zena Metropolsky Married to S. E. Snyder of New York.


Ceremony Performed at Grace Episcopal Church – Bride’s Parents Accept Their New Son-in-Law.

A Pretty Romance.


The marriage of Miss Zena Metropolsky, daughter of Rev. Nicholas Metropolsky of the Greek church, to S. E. Snyder, a wealthy New Yorker, at Grace Episcopal Church last Thursday has just been made public. It was an elopement, but one that has resulted happily, for the bride’s parents accepted their new son-in-law without a murmur. In order to keep within the laws of their religion, however, the parents asked to have the marriage ceremony repeated in the Greek church. The young folks have consented and the ceremony will be repeated next Sunday.

There is a pretty romance in the union of these young people. Snyder is the grandson and only heir of Samuel Fox, a New York capitalist, who has wintered in California for many years, and has a large circle of friends and acquaintances here. The young man came to this city less than a month ago on a pleasure trip, with the possibility of going into business here. A week after his arrival he met Miss Metropolsky, who was employed in a prominent hotel in the capacity of interpreter. It was a case of love at first sight on both sides. The ardent young lover made the hotel his headquarters and waited upon the object of his affection at all times. The young people feared to ask the consent of Miss Metropolsky’s parents to their immediate union, so they laid their plans to be married on last Thursday and to leave town at once.

Thursday evening they dined at Zinkand’s and were met there by George Abadie of Amapala, Honduras, a steamer acquaintance of Snyder, who had procured the license and accompanied them to Grace Church, where the ceremony was performed by Rev. Mr. Foute. Afterward the party attended the theater and later drove to the Occidental Hotel, where Mr. and. Mrs. Snyder are still stopping. A brother of the bride first heard of the wedding and hastened to the hotel to wish them joy. The reconciliation with the bride’s parents was soon arranged. After the marriage ceremony is performed according to the rites of the Greek church, the young folks will probably go on a wedding trip to New York to secure grandfather’s blessing.

The San Francisco Call, Monday, April 23, 1900.