Efforts to the Ladies of the Greek Church

to Add to the Famine Fund.

The Ladies’ Orthodox Christian Endeavor Society of the Greek Church are holding a "Russian Tea" for the benefit of the benefit of the famine fund for the stricken poor of India. The tea opened yesterday in the parlors of the church, on Powell street, near Union.

The parlors have been prettily decorated, the Russian flag forming the basis of the color scheme; and Russian samovars, from which the tea is served, play their part in the beauty of the rooms as well as the excellence of the tea.

The tea will continue until to-morrow afternoon, including to-night. It will open in the afternoon at 2 o’clock. Yesterday’s business added quite a tidy sum to the fund, and the outlook for the remainder of the affair is bright.

The ladies in charge are: Mrs. Constantino, president of the society; Mrs. Dabovich, first vice president; Miss Sava, second vice president; Mrs. Popoff, secretary; Mrs. Pashkovsky, treasurer; and Miss Bratemos. Miss Velentine Ligda, Miss Lizzie Kashevnikoff and the Misses Natalie and Alexandra Mitropolsky, dressed in Russia costumes, served tea from the samovars, and Miss Schroder, dressed in the Roumanian costume, supervised their efforts.

The San Francisco Call, Friday, July 13, 1900.

Reprinted in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 4, No. 11, July 1997