Imperial Russian Consulate

In San Francisco

3/16 July 1900

No. 220


North-American Spiritual Consistory


The father of the late Candidate of the Theology, Nicholas Rensky, Paul Petrov Rensky, appealed to the Imperial Consulate asking to inform him where exactly his son died, in San Francisco proper or elsewhere, and was the cross erected on the grave of the deceased. If the answer is negative, he asks to indicate the place where his son died and to erect the cross on his grave. Also, the petitioner expresses the assumption that perhaps someone was present at the death of his son and, therefore, he asks to describe to him as a father in details the last minutes of his son’s life; to inform him if the deceased remembered his father or some other relatives before his death. Considering that the execution of the above written, completely natural wishes of the deceased’s father, could be best of all fulfilled by the Spiritual Consistory, Imperial Consulate addresses its humble request to issue an order to directly execute the petition of the said Paul Rensky.

At the same time, Imperial Consulate in order to clear up certain problems with the property remaining after the deceased, dutifully asks the North American Spiritual Consistory to inform the Consulate is the deceased was married and, if the answer is affirmative, then if he had children; and also, is the deceased’s mother alive.


Consul, P. Kozakevich