Captain Baranoff Meets Death at the Hands of Two Natives.


Special Dispatch to The Call.

SEATTLE, Jan. 9. – The steamship Dirigo arrived this afternoon and brought startling news from Sitka. The Indians at that place, who were recently pacified, became troublesome again and on the 31st of December shot Captain Baranoff, an old pioneer of Sitka, while he was in his boat in the bay below the town.

According to the story which is told by Purser Raker and one of the engineers of the Dirigo, who were the only officers to go ashore during the steamship’s stay at that port, the body of Captain Baranoff was found in his boat with his gun beside it on the afternoon of the 31st of December. At first it was thought that some accident had discharged the gun, but afterward a small boy who was on the shore near by when the tragedy occurred said that he saw two Siwashes steal up the beach and shoot through the body of the rowboat, killing the old man.

The troubles of the Sitka Indians had for some time been causing uneasiness on the part of the whites, for the natives were in a big majority and it was only the presence or the military that kept them in order. These troubles arose over totems and set all the clans against one another. They were carried into court and during the middle of December were settled by arbitration.

The San Francisco Call, Thursday, January 10, 1901, p. 4:4.