A Russian Priest Says They Poison Game and Sell Liquor to the Indians.

TACOMA (Wash.), September 17.- Sebastian Dabovich, superintendent of Greek-Russian church missions on Alaska, brings news that white hunters are causing distress in Western Alaska by their efforts to get skins without injury from knife wounds or bullet holes. He says they scatter poison at the seal rookeries and through woods frequented by wild game. The Indians will not touch the dead animals, but their dogs, upon which they depend, are thus poisoned and die off. The Indians require the food from the animals thus killed to sustain life, and are deprived of it by the depredations of the whites.

Dabovich alleges that white and Chinese cannery employers are selling liquors to the Indians in violation of the law. The Chinese smuggle in gin and whisky for this purpose, besides distilling a very poisonous mixture of their own, which the natives greedily drink.

Dabovich says the Greek church in Alaska was never so prosperous as now, not even during the Russian occupation. The church has fifteen parishes and forty missions in Alaska.

The San Francisco Chronicle, September 18, 1902.