Tina de Spada Overcome by Grief at Demise of the Duke Villafiorita.

News came yesterday to Tina de Spada, the prima dona singing at the Tivoli Opera-house, that her father, the Duke of Villafiorita, died a few days ago at Milan. Before leaving Italy three months ago to come to San Francisco Tina de Spada was constantly with the Duke, her father, who enjoyed the best of health. The news of his demise therefore came as a great shock. The singer is overcome with grief.

The Duke Villafiorita was born in Palermo in 1845, and belonged to one of the most ancient families in Sicily. He was the composer of more than one sucessful opera, his "Paria" having met with a most flattering reception as far back as 1872. On going into opera the daughter and the only child of the Duke adopted the name Tina de Spada.

The San Francisco Call, Friday, October 31, 1902.