Archbishop Tikhon of This City Conducts the Ceremonies and Delivers the Sermon.

NEW YORK, Nov. 23. – With imposing ceremonies, to which extraordinary splendor was lent by the presence of many gorgeously vested ecclesiastics, of the members of the Russian Embassy in brilliant uniform and of a guard of Cossacks, fully armed, the new Russian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas was consecrated to-day by Archbishop Tikhon of San Francisco, assisted by Archimandrite Rafael, the Arabian abbot, and fifteen priests. The church was thronged, so great being the crush that the guard at the door were swept aside by the crowds that pressed forward for admission.

Count Cassini, the Russian Embassador; Nicholas Ladygensky, the Russian Consul General in New York, with their suites, and other Russian diplomatic and consular officials, stood at the left of the altar throughout the services.

The ceremonies closed with a benediction by the Archbishop and the proclamation of the long life to the Czar, the imperial house of Russia, the President of the United States, the Most Holy Synod and the founders of the church. Archbishop Tikhon delivered an address in English.

After the services Archbishop Tikhon held a reception in the residence of the rector, where he bestowed his blessing upon many members of the Russian church, including the Countess Cassini. Following the reception a luncheon was tendered to the Russian diplomatic and consular officials, the visiting Russian clergy and members of the Russian colony. Toasts were drunk to the Czar, to Russia and to the Archbishop.

The San Francisco Call, Monday, November 24, 1902, p. 6.