The Greek-Russian festival at the Palace Maple Room opened brilliantly yesterday afternoon under the auspices of the Orthodox Ladies’ Endeavor Society. Gorgeous Syrian hangings and rare old brasses converted the room into one of ancient splendor, the only modern touch in the decorations being the frequent clusters of Christmas berries and greens. The gaily decorated booths, laden with Syrian kimonos and robes, handsome Russian laces, carvings, tapestries and precious stones, were attractive to the eye, and various ladies in picturesque costume added bright touches of color to the scene.

The odd and fascinating collection of things to be sold were specially imported from Russia for the fete, with the exception of the rosaries, which were only for exhibition. These included rosaries from many parts of the world. One has been specially blessed by the Pope. Among the old brasses are a number that were brought from Alaska expressly for this bazaar. They originally went from Russia to Alaska, across the Behring Sea, in 1790.

At the refreshment booth punch, bouillon, chicken patties and tea a la Russe, sandwiches, cakes, ice cream, Turkish and French candies and almonds were served. Mrs. M. Baida presided over the Syrian table, assisted by Miss M. Dabovich. Ladies at the other tables were:

Russian laces and other goods–Mrs. Vucosavlievich, Mrs. Grevsky, Mrs. Metropolsky, Mrs. Popoff, Mrs. Pashkovsky, Mrs. Constantine, Miss Athens, Mrs. S. Yancovich, Mrs. Kakim, Mrs. J. S. Radovich, Miss Hossack, Miss P. McNutt, Misses Folsom, Miss Leddy and Miss Doyle.

Ice cream and candy–Mrs. Simrak, Misses EIla and Drusilla Dabovich and Misses May and Genevieve Simrak.

Flowers–Miss Allie Metropolsky and Miss Elsie Amos.

Refreshments–Mrs. Metropolsky, Miss Irene Radovich, Miss Nattie Metropolsky, Miss Lizzie Kashernikoff and Miss Lydia Dabovich.

Tea–Mrs. Elliott, Mrs. Kashernikoff, Mrs. L. Dabovich, Mrs. L. Elliott and Mrs. Alexander Elliott.

The fete will continue afternoons and evenings during the remainder of the week. Admission is free in the afternoons. A delightful musical entertainment is rendered each evening. The programme last evening was as follows:

Vocal, "Induskaia Penia" (Bamberger). Miss Pearl Hossack, piano, "Des Gouttes de Rosee," walse brillante, (Joseph Beringer), "Papillon" (Lavalle). Miss Clara Dillon; Polish dance, Little Lupita. Fanny Guttman, Baby Jasmina Zelasky. Isabelle Higgins, Vocal, "Celeste Aida," Mr. Symocopulos (accompanied by Professor Zillani), "Russian Dances," Mr. Cornet, Vocal, "Chanson Provencale" (Dell Acqua). Miss Louise Amiot; folklore songs, Russian Cathedral Choir; vocal solo, Miss Dean Leddy.

The San Francisco Call, Friday, December 19,1902

Reprinted in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 3, No. 4, December 1995.