Graeco-Russian Entertainment at the Palace Maple Room Proves of Great Interest to Lovers of Art and Beauty.

The Graeco-Russian Fete at the Palace maple room is proving of great interest to lovers of art and beauty. Yesterday afternoon and evening the attendance was especially good and many curios, embroideries, laces, robes and decorations were purchased. A number of the members of the Orthodox Ladies’ Endeavor Society were in Russian costume. Mrs. M. Baida, gowned as a Syrian, presided over the Syrian goods offered for sale. Miss M. Dabovich, secretary of the society, assisted ladies in charge of the various booths. Patrons were cordially received and well entertained. Dainty refreshments were sold. The following interesting musical programme was well rendered last evening:

Mandolin solo "The Bridal Rose Overture," Professor Mansfield; vocal, "Si Tu M’Aimais" (Danza), Miss Gertrude Gallick, cello solo, selected, C. Herrick; vocal, selected, Miss Dean Leddy; violin solo, "Berceuse," Miss Marie Abeille; vocal, selected, Mr. Eckert; mandolin selections, San Francisco Conservatory Mandolin Club, Professor Bonelli conductor; piano solo (a) (Schubert-Lizst), (b) "Valse d’Adele" (left hand) (G. Zichy), Earl King.

The bazaar will be open without charge this afternoon. Another charming entertainment will be given this evening. The delightful affair closes to-night.


The San Francisco Call, Saturday, December 20, 1902, p. 14:1.

Reprinted in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 3, No. 4, December 1995.