Starting With $800, Donated by the Ladies, the Greek Russian Church of This City Has Now $1,000 Subscribed


The Greek-Russian Church is to have a grand new cathedral building. This has been decided and it is through the ladies of the organization that the matter has been brought to an issue.

For a long time the members of the church have felt that the cathedral of the Orthodox Greek Church in North America should be a magnificent and imposing structure. San Francisco is Bishop Tikhon's official residence and it is in the offices of the cathedral building that he directs the great Christian work of his denomination on this continent.

But building cathedral seemed a big undertaking and action was put off from time to time. "Some day, we will have a grand cathedral," the members said vaguely and the matter dropped with that.

The ladies of the Orthodox Endeavor Society of the church found yesterday that they had left $800 of the proceeds of their recent fete, after generously providing for the benevolent work of their organization. They agreed to use this sum to start the cathedral fund. A Russian lady donated another hundred and when the money was placed in the hands of Bishop Tikhon he brought the amount up to $1,000 by giving a hundred dollars himself.

The cathedral is supported by the Russian government and it is expected, now that the building fund is started, that a handsome sum will come from Europe. The plan is to sell the property on the corner of Powell and Filbert streets, now used for church purposes, and to secure a site in the north end of the city, with picturesque surroundings. The intention is to have the building a heavy stone structure of mosque design.

The San Francisco Examiner, January 25, 1903