Local Literary and Benevolent Society Enjoys Banquet in Honor of St. Sava, the Patriot.

An entertainment and banquet in honor of the Servian patriaot, San Sava, was given last night under the auspices of the Servian colony of San Francisco at Lodge Hall, 1605 Polk street.

St. Sava's day is the national holiday of the Servians and is fittingly celebrated each year by the society. St. Sava was the youngest son of Stefan Nemanja, who united the Servians in their first kingdom and was born in the twelfth century. He became the first Archbishop of the Servian Autocephalous orthodox church and labored successfully in his work. In commemoration of the patriot's birthday and as is the custom with the Servians of this city a banquet was given to fittingly celebrate the occasion. Covers were laid for 200 guests and to make the evening the more pleasant a musical and literary programme was offered and successfully carried out. The banquet lasted until the early hours of morning. Following is the programme as rendered:

Opening by the president ииии.. John Kukaviza

Piano solo - "Rado Ide" иииии John G. Goicovich

Servian patriot ииииииииии Stephen E. Milisich

Song - "San Sava," S. Rspovac, A. Gojun, Spiro Milisich, S. Terzovich

Piano solo иииииииииии... Miss Irene Radovich

Recitation - "People's power" ии.. L. S. Churich

Violin solo ииииииииииии Miss Ileen McCabe

Recitation - "Hajduk Veljko" иии... V. Midzor

Tamburica solo - Russian hymn ии P. Banasevich

Song solo ииииииииииии.. Spiri Milisich

Recitation - "Servian Heroes" иии. G. P. Sparovich

On American history ииииииии Marco Matcovich

Musical specialties ииииииии... John G. Goicovich

Recitation - "Sailor Boy" ииииии Miss I. Radovich

Gusle ииииииииииииии.. Marco Radulovich

Recitation - "Bokeska Noch" ииии V. Midzor

Tamburica solo - "Rado Ide" ииии P. Banasevich

Recitation - "Toking of the Sea" иии G. Sparovich

Song иииииииииииииии.. Chorus

The San Francisco Call, Wednesday, January  28, 1903, p. 8