To His Grace the Right Reverend TIKHON,

Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and North America

From the Cathedral property manager,

Hegoumen Sebastian


A Most Humble Report

It is my duty to report to your Grace that the Greek Community in San Francisco has begun building a new church in San Francisco on a plot of land purchased south of Market Street. They ordered a priest by mail for themselves who arrived and was present today at Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral church (he was standing in the altar). This priest (married) in the rank of sakellarios, Father Constantine . . .[Tsapralis, or Chaprales] has his credentials from his Bishop, Ambrose of the Diocese of Salaris [probably, Fr. Sebastian is mistaken, it could be "Salamis"] (in the Kingdom of Greece), in the jurisdiction of the Holy Synod in Athens. He has a Holy Antimension that was given to him (he says) to celebrate Liturgy in the United States of North America. He was here with two Orthodox Greeks known to me.

The lowest servant of your Grace,

Hegoumen Sebastian

San Francisco, November 16, 1903.


May God grant them all success.

Dec. 12, 1903,

Bp. Tikhon

Translated from the Russian and first published in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 5, No. 3, November 1997.