Nineteen days before her death Mrs. H. A. Floyd Gopchevic, the wealthy daughter of the late Captain R. S. Floyd, a retired naval officer, who, in October last, after a romantic courtship, became the wife of M. M. Gopcevic, a gripman on the Sacramento street cars, made her last will and testament. This fact was made known yesterday by the filling of a petition for special letters of administration upon the estate of the deceased. These letters were ordered issued by Judge Kerrigan in Department 10 of the Superior Court to Henry E. Mathews, the lifelong friend of the deceased's father and mother and of deceased herself, and to Pedar M. Gopcevic, the dead lady's brother-in-law, who are the two persons named in the will as the executors. The bonds of the petitioners were fixed at $10,000 each.

The attorneys for Gopcevic and Matthews are Judge John F. Davis and Bishop, Wheeler & Hoeffier.

The petition for special letters recites that Mrs. Gopcevic died February 11, leaving an estate which produces an income of $2500 a month and which needs the care of a special administration.

It recites further that on January 23, 1903, nineteen days before the death of Mrs. Gopcevic, she made a will in which she named her husband's brother and Matthews as executors.

The estate left by Mrs. Gopcevic is a large one, which she inherited from tier mother, Mrs. Cora L. Floyd, who died in 1893. Mrs. Floyd stipulated in her will that the estate should be left in trust. Mrs. Gopcevic, who was at that time unmarried, tried to break the will, but failed in her efforts to do so, so that the estate is still held in trust.

It consists of valuable properties located in different parts of the State and is valued at somewhere in the vicinity of $750,000.

The will, which is reported to be holographic in form, is concise and simple. The young husband is said to come in for a very large share of the estate, and Miss Elisa G. Prichard, her friend and devoted companion of many years, is bequeathed the beautiful home at 2833 Sacramento street, as well as being also handsomely remembered otherwise.

The immediate cause of Mrs. Gopcevic’s death was an attack of measles, which, coming when she was in a particularly delicate state of health, resulted fatally. The funeral will be held this morning at 9:45 o’clock from the Greek Russian church on Powell street, near Filbert.

The San Francisco Call, Saturday, February 13, 1904, p. 7:2