Will of His Wife, an Heiress, Devises to Him the Bulk of Her Large Estate.

M. M. Gopcevic, the Sacramento street carman, who, after a romantic courtship, won the heart and hand of Harry A. L. Floyd, the young and handsome heiress, builded better than he knew when he gave his name to the young lady. Her will was filed for probate yesterday and under it Gopcevic, who is supposed to be the scion of a noble Servian family, inherits the bulk of her estate, which is supposed to be worth several hundred thousand dollars. The only other person who receives a bequest of any size from the estate of Mrs. Gopcevic is Miss Elisa Pritchard, her life-long friend. She is left the sum of $10,000.

The will was made nineteen days before the death of Mrs. Gopcevic and names Peter Gopcevic, her brother-in-law, and Henry Matthews, an old friend of the deceased, as executors, to serve without bonds. Evidently for the purpose of warding off a contest, Mrs. Gopcevic makes provision for all of her relatives. To Mary F. McAdoo, an aunt, of Knoxville, Tenn., she leaves $1000; to W. G. McAdoo, pistol from her collection of arms, and to Rosalie Humes, an aunt, of Louisville, Ky., $500; to Cora F. Matthews of Berkeley and Lucky L. Matthews and Ida S. Matthews of Louisville, Ky., cousins, she leaves $5 each. She leaves a similar amount to each of the children of Mrs. Isabella Matthews, deceased aunt.

The San Francisco Call, Thursday, February 16, 1904, p. 16:3