Supreme Court Hands Down Decision Denying Application for a Writ of Prohibition.

According to a decision of the Supreme Court rendered yesterday the estate of the late Cora Lyons Floyd, who married Mitrow Gopcevic, a street car conductor, may now be distributed to the beneficiaries under her will.

The suit under which the decision was rendered was entitled Mary Floyd McAdoo vs. M. S. Sayre, Judge of the Superior Court in Lake County. It was an application for a writ of prohibition to nullify the order of the Superior Court declaring the trust dissolved, argument being made that a full year had not yet elapsed since the will was offered for probate. The Supreme Judges, however, decided that no action had as yet beet taken and it would be impossible for them to anticipate the action of the lower courts. The application for the writ was accordingly denied, Judges Shaw, McFarland, Van Dyke and Henshaw concurring and Beatty and Angellotti dissenting.


The San Francisco Call, Sunday, November 13, 1904, p. 29:7