Mrs. Mary McAdoo of Knoxville Claims Part of the Estate of Mrs. Gopcevic




Says That Property Amounting to $600,000 Was Simply Held as a Trust


Special Dispatch to The Call.


KNOXVILLE, Tenn., April 5.– Mrs. Mary Floyd McAdoo of this city, the mother of W. G. McAdoo Jr., of the Jersey City Tunnel Company, is one of the contestants of the will of Mrs. Harry A. Floyd Gopcevic of San Francisco, who left more than $600,000 of her fortune to the street car gripman whom she married nine months before her death. It is said the lawyers for the contestants believe the will can be broken and the big fortune left by the late Captain R. S. Floyd distributed among his relatives.

Mrs. McAdoo is one of the two sisters of Captain Floyd and it is said about one-third of the estate will go to her and her children if the will is broken. One of the grounds of the contest is the alleged legal disability of Mrs. Gopcevic to dispose of the $600,000, that amount having been hers as a trust to be held for her father's and mother's relatives. She was given the power to name the trustees of this fund in her will, but instead she gave it all to her husband.

The will is contested on the ground of alleged undue influence and unsoundness of mind. Miss Floyd, the wealthy heiress, met Gopcevic while riding on his car and he is said to have represented himself to be of noble birth.

The San Francisco Call, Thursday, April 6, 1905, p. 2:3