Special Dispatch to The Call.


LAKEPORT, May 8.– The case of the estate of Cora Lyons Floyd, deceased, came up before Judge Sayre in the Superior Court to-day on final accounting of the trustees. The question of the validity of the will of Harry A. L. Floyd Gopcevic also came up, the McAdoo heirs and others demanding a jury. The court rendered a decision this morning holding that the case is one of equity and denied the demand for a jury. The plaintiffs put in their case and rested to-day.

The trust property consists of about $600,000, both of real and personal property, a large portion of the realty being in San Francisco. The trustees are represented by W. H. Metson and J. O. P. Evans. The Gopcevics, wjo claim the property under Mrs. Gopcevic's will, are represented by Charles S. Wheeler, John F. Davis and District Attorney H. W. Brewer, while Judge J. G. Maguire, Carl E. Lindsey, J. P. Houx, H. C. Mycoof and W. B. Keeling are supporting the contention of Mrs. McAdoo and the children of Mrs. Hume and Mrs. Matthews, who claim the property under the Floyd will.

Judge Sayre's decision favored the contentions of the attorneys for the Gopcevics. He refused to call a jury when the trial was begun before the court. Counsel for Gopcevic presented their case and rested.

The case is well known in San Francisco. Mrs. Floyd, the heiress, became the bride of Gopcevic, a street car conductor. She died a year after her marriage, leaving her entire estate to her husband. Her relatives brought the contest.

The San Francisco Call, Tuesday, May 9, 1905, p. 6:6