Judge Kerrigan Orders the Proponents of Wealthy Woman’s Will to File Answer.

Judge Kerrigan has cleared the way for the trial of the contest of the will of the late Mrs. Harry Floyd Gopcevic and it will be taken up at the conclusion of the contest to the codicil of the will of the late Samuel Davis, now on hearing.

When Mrs. Gopcevic died she left the bulk of her $1,000,000 estate to Peter M. Gopcevic, her husband, who was a gripman on the Sacramento-street line before he wedded her. Relatives of Mrs. Gopcevic’s mother instituted suit in the Superior Court of Lakeport to determine a trust upon the estate, contending that Mrs. Gopcevic had no title in the estate and hence could not dispose of it by testament. They lost their suit, however, and a contest of the will was then instituted by Mary Floyd McAdoo and others.

Demurrers to the contest were interposed by Harry E. Matthews and Peter M. Gopcevic, as executors, and Elisie J. Prichard as a beneficiary. These demurrers were overruled by Judge Kerrigan yesterday and the proponents directed to join issues with the plaintiff. The executors immediately filed their answer to the contest, entering a general denial, and Miss Prichard was given five days in which to answer.

The San Francisco Call, Saturday, September 30, 1905, p. 9:4