His First Service Since Moving His Headquarters Here.

Archbishop Tikhon of the Russian Church in the United States and Canada, who recently transferred his headquarters from San Francisco to the St. Nicholas Russian Church, in East Ninety-seventh Street, preached there yesterday morning.

The church gets the title of cathedral through the change in the Archbishop’s headquarters.

"I am glad to be with you in the East," he said. It is more becoming, more fitting that the headquarters of the diocese should be nearer to Russia."

The service began with the hearing of confessions by the Archbishop and his assistants, followed by the administering of communion. The congregation filed past the Archbishop, received his blessing, kissed his crucifix, and proceeded across the hall to where two of the assistants stood, one holding a Russian Bible and the other a basket filled with small slices of bread. One by one the congregation kissed the Bible and took a slice of bread in commemoration of the feeding of the multitudes.

After the last person had filed past, the Archbishop retired to the altar, where he was dressed in purple by the priests, who put upon his head the high square black hat of the Greek prelate. Then, with a curiously carved staff in his hand, the Archbishop led the way, followed by the priests, to the parlors of the cathedral adjoining.

Behind the priests, about fifty of the members of the congregation followed the Archbishop into the parlors, where they were entertained at tea. Among those present were Nicholas Lodygensky, the Russian Consul General at New York, and the Countess Nephtal.

The New York Times, Monday, October 9, 1905, p. 4.