Russian Cathedral May Become a Playhouse


Old Russian Cathedral in this city which has been sold and which rumor says is likely to be converted into a cheap playhouse. The purchaser is said to be a well-known political boss of San Francisco.


Trinity Cathedral of the Orthodox Catholic Church, more familiarly known to San Franciscans as the Russian Cathedral, situated at 1715 Powell street, has been sold for $40,000, but those who have effected the sale are keeping the name of the purchaser a secret for the present.

Nevertheless, it is said by men who are watching the exchange of city property pretty closely that the buyer is a well-known politician who is a boss in city politics.

It has transpired further that it is the intention of the purchaser to turn the sacred edifice into a ten-cent continuous vaudeville house, which would be contrary to the hope and wish of the Most Rev. Archbishop Tikhon, who has recently removed to New York City, and the pastor, the Rev. T. N. Pashkovsky.

Pastor Pashkovsky admits that when the sale of the property was first announced some parties made a bid, and when it was revealed that it was intended to use it for theatrical purposes he strenuously objected and consulted with his attorney on the subject.

Since then, the reverend gentleman says, some one has paid a deposit on the sale, and while Horace Platt assures him that the party is reliable he has not revealed his name.

The transaction has been in the hands of the Von Rhein Real Estate Company, who declines to state who the purchaser of or what his plans are.

Horace Platt y that he does not know the politician whom rumor names as the purchaser, in the matter, and, like Weston, declines to divulge the name of the buyer.

The San Francisco Call, Friday, December 29, 1905, p. 7