Russian St. Nicholas' Cathedral

15 E. 97 St.., New York


Rev. Charles N. Lathrop,

San Francisco, Cal.


Rev. and dear Father:-

Having read in the Living Church your letter about awful calamity which occured (sic) in San Francisco and destroyed your beautiful and so-memorable to our heart Church, I beg to send you as a small token of my condolence and sympathy a sacred Chalice and paten, which perhaps you will find useful for your services.

May God give you and to your parish a strength and energy to rebuild same magnificent House of prayer, as you have had before, and to continue your noble work of preaching true Gospel of the Christ.


With best wishes and blessings,

I am, Reverend Sir,

[Signed] Sincerely yours

Archbishop Tikhon

May 12th, 1906.


This document, written in English as reproduced here, doesn't require any commentaries. These holy vessels are still reverently kept at the Church of the Advent of Christ the King (Episcopalian) at 261 Fell Street, between Franklin and Gough Street, San Francisco.