Nine buildings are to be erected in this city by Miles M. Gopcevic, and each shall be a memorial to his deceased wife, who was Miss Harry A. L. Floyd, and whom Gopcevic married while he was a gripman on the Sacramento-street car line. Gopcevic holds property inherited from his wife to a value of nearly $1,000,000, and it is on this land that new structures are to be erected.

According to the owner he will first build on the site of the old Washington Market, from Washington to Merchant street, along the line of Sansome street. Work is also contemplated soon on a building on the west side of Montgomery street, between Washington and Clay. After these buildings are under way Gopcevic will secure plans for seven other structures for the wholesale district, and it is his intention to have each building superior in every way to the buildings that were destroyed.

The owner declares that work will be pushed forward as rapidly as material and workmen can be secured. The temporary buildings now on a portion of the property will be removed soon to clear the ground for the permanent structures.


The San Francisco Call, Friday, August 24, 1906, p. 9:3