From the Pastoral Journal of Father Theodore Pashkovsky

August 1906

1 Aug. [14]. The Typica and the blessing of water[1]; there were 10 worshipers.

5 [18]. The Transfiguration of the Lord. Vigil. There were 8 worshipers. Mr. Consul was present.

6 [19]. Divine Liturgy and after it the blessing of fruit was performed[2]. The sermon was delivered on the earthly happiness and the sufferings as means for the spiritual growth. There were up to 60 worshipers.

12 [25]. Vigil; there were 4 worshipers; the Consul was present.

13 [26]. Divine Liturgy; there were approximately 45 worshipers; Mr. Consul was present. The sermon was on the Gospel lesson.

19 [Sept. 1]. Vigil.

20 [Sept. 2]. Divine Liturgy; there were approximately 30 worshipers. The sermon on the redemption of the world and men in comparison with the heterodox teaching on the same subject.

26 [Sept. 8]. Vigil.

27 [Sept. 9]. Divine Liturgy; sermon on the Gospel lesson of the virtues of those chosen. There were approximately 30 worshipers.

28 [Sept. 10]. The Beheading of John the Forerunner. Vigil with the Magnification of the Saint.

29 [Sept. 11]. Divine Liturgy; there were 6 worshipers.

30 [Sept. 12]. Prayer Service to the Holy Orthodox Prince Alexander of Nevsky[3].

[1] On August 1, the Church venerates the Cross of the Lord. On this day, at the conclusion of the Liturgy, the rite of the Lesser Blessing of the Water is performed.

[2] The rite of the Blessing of Fruit is performed on the great feast of the Holy Transfiguration of our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ on August 6.

[3] On August 30, the Church commemorates the 1724 translation of the Relics of St. Alexander Nevsky (of the Lake Nevo; +1263) from Vladimir to Sankt-Petersburg. Cult of St. Alexander Nevsky is especially prominent in Russia since he is traditionally a patron saint of the Emperors named Alexander. Originally, Orthodox Cathedral in San Francisco, consecrated in 1881, during the reign of Tsar Alexander III, was dedicated to this Saint.

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