From the Pastoral Journal of Father Theodore Pashkovsky

October 1906

1 Oct. [14]. Divine Liturgy in the hall of the Serbian Club. The sermon was on the significance of the feast of The Protection of the Mother of God. There were approximately 30 worshipers.

6 [19]. The Prayer Service to St. Alexis[1] on the occasion of the Namesday of the Lord Heir Aleksei Nikolaevich[2] was sung. The Consul was present.

7 [20]. Vigil served in the Church house; the Consul was present.

8 [21]. Divine Liturgy; the sermon on the superiority of the Orthodox Faith before other confessions and Christian societies. There were up to 60 worshipers. The Serbs sang the Cherubic Hymn and "It is Meet and Right..." in their own melody.

14 [27]. Vigil served in the Church house; there were 5 worshipers; Mr. Consul was present.

15 [28]. Divine Liturgy was celebrated in the hall of the Serbian Club. There were approximately 40 worshipers. The sermon was on the sowing of the Word of God among the rising generation.

21 [Nov. 3]. The Typica and the Prayer Service commemorating the day of the ascension on the throne of His Imperial Majesty Lord Nicholas II[3]. The Consul was present.

Vigil with the Magnification of the Mother of God[4].

22 [Nov. 4]. Divine Liturgy; the sermon was on the alienation of modern Christians from Christ. There were up to 50 worshipers.

28 [Nov. 10]. Vigil; there were 4 worshipers.

29 [Nov. 11]. Divine Liturgy; there were up to 60 worshipers. The sermon was on the modern disbelief among those who consider themselves believers.

[1] On October 5, the Church commemorates all Holy Metropolitans of Moscow, among them, St. Alexis (+1378).

[2] Son of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, Tsarevitch Aleksei (1904-18).

[3] Nicholas Aleksandrovich (1868-1918) became an Emperor of Russia on October 20 1894.

[4] On October 22, the Church venerates the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in commemoration of the deliverance of Moscow from the Poles in 1612.

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