Multitude at Kronstadt for Funeral of Dead Priest.

ST. PETERSBURG, Jan. 4.– The remains of Father John of Kronstadt, who died two days ago, were brought into St. Petersburg at a late hour this afternoon. Thousands of followers of the noted priest from St. Petersburg and provincial cities gathered at Oranienbaum, near Kronstadt, to take part in the funeral services. The authorities feared that the ice would not support the great multitude, and consequently they allowed no one to cross with the body from Kronstadt.

The entire garrison at Kronstadt turned out to honor the dead priest, and two regiments were sent down from Oranienbaum to St. Petersburg to handle the crowd. The cathedral where the body was exposed was kept open the entire night, and long lines of people filled through to pay their last respects.

The New York Times, Tuesday, January 5, 1909.

Reprinted in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 6, No. 5, January 1999.