Former Streetcar Gripman Would Place Scepter in Brotherıs Hands



Ambitious Plans of Bozo Gopcevic, Creature of Fortune and Romance



Scheme Includes Seizure of Servia and Final Formation of Republic



Half way around the world a San Francisco man is journeying with the secret purpose of seizing for his brother the throne of the nation of Montenegro. The man who will lay claim to the rulership of that troubled country is Bozo Gopcevic, brother of Milos Mitrov Gopcevic, who, as a gripman, a few days before the fire married Miss Floyd, a noted beauty and heiress. Eventually it is his purpose to transform the government into a republic.

Peter Gopcevic has gone abroad as the advance agent. Milos is staying behind in San Francisco, but it will be he who will furnish the funds for the fight for the throne.   The millions left by the wife, who died a year after her marriage to the former gripman, will be the treasury of the pretender. Bozo Gopcevic, who aspires to the rulership, is also in San Francisco, living at his home, 2845 Sacramento street.


Claims Servia Also


Not by right of conquest, but by right of birth will Bozo Gopcevic lay claim to the throne of Montenegro. He will also declare himself the rightful ruler of Servia, and it will be on the shoulders of a revolt which will convulse both nations that he expects to be carried into power.

Gopcevic claims that on his fatherıs side he is the       rightful heir to the Servian throne, and on his motherıs to be reigning head of Montenegro. He has a genealogical table showing the succession which points to him as the true heir to the throne of both nations.

Montenegro is now governed by reigning Prince Nicholas I, whose daughter is Queen Helena of Italy. Nicholas is only a pretender, asserts Gopcevicıs  supporters and when he returns and proclaims his claims on the throne the present occupant will be forced to abdicate.


Spies Attempt to Kill Him


Gopcevic declares that the reigning family of Montenegro has been aware of his pretensions to the throne and that spies have followed him over the earth, making systematic attempts to take his life. Three times he has been shot at by mysterious would be assassins, and once he replied In kind, wounding his assailant. The plotters each time escaped. A brother was poisoned by the conspirators.

Gopcevic hopes to lead a revolt at the head of the young Turkish reform party. Both Montenegro and Servia, groaning under the weight of despotic dynasties, impoverished and gouged for the pleasure of the royal families, will gladly welcome him as their deliverer, Gopcevicıs friends believe. Torn often by revolt, both nations finally will rise and effectually throw off the yoke forever.

Gopcevic will proclaim a policy of reform and liberty. Cradled in the United States, though of royal birth, associations have taught him the soundness of the doctrine of the brotherhood of man. After establishing his rights to royal parentage he will grant a constitution to his sorely stricken country, and when a republic is established abdicate entirely.


The [San Francisco] Call, Monday, January 18, 1909, p. 1:2.