To: His Eminence the Most Reverend Platon,

Archbishop of the Aleutian Islands and North America

From: The Rector of the Cathedral in San Francisco,

Priest Theodore Pashkovsky


I consider it to be my duty to respectfully report to your Eminence, that on February 15/28 of this year, the rite of stone-laying for the newly-to-be-constructed cathedral in San Francisco was celebrated in the presence of many worshipers.

The inscription hewn into the stone included those facts prescribed by the rite, and that this is the 115th year of the Orthodox Mission in North America and the 41st year of its presence in San Francisco; the Creed was also written in both the Russian and the English languages.

The construction of the temple proceeds successfully.

The lowly servant of your Eminence,

Priest Theodore Pashkovsky

No. 10, February 16, 1909

San Francisco