Police Judge Kept Busy Hearing Charges and Counter Charges

The feud between Tasos V. Mountanos, editor of the California, and Rev. Stefanos Macaronis, pastor of the Greek church at Fourth and Howard streets, continues to keep Police Judge Deasy busy hearing charges and counter charges.

About 10 days ago the editor was arrested on complaint of the priest for threats against his life and last Tuesday was again jailed on alleged libelous articles written about the priest.

Yesterday Mountanos obtained a warrant for the arrest of Tony Ivolotis for threats against life. Mountanos said that the priest had offered a liberal reward to any one who would beat him up and Ivolotis, a friend of the priest, met him Friday and told him that if he did not stop publishing articles against the priest he would kill him.

The San Francisco Call, Sunday, February 21, 1909, p. 44:2.

Reprinted in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 5, No. 3, November 1997.