Head of Servian Churches and Russian Consul Among Participants

There were many more persons in attendance at the dedication of the new Trinity Cathedral of the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church yesterday than the striking little edifice could accommodate. The ceremony was particularly impressive, and lasted until long after the noon hour.

The dedication was conducted by Very Rev. Sebastian Dabovich, head of the Servian churches in America, who has been visiting in the West, but came to San Francisco particularly for this occasion. He was assisted by Rev. Theodore Pashkovsky, the rector, and Very Rev. Arseni, of the local Greek church. Russian Consul Paul Kosakevitch was present in his official uniform, and assisted in the ceremony.

The regular liturgy service was preceded by the consecration service. After high mass, a Te Deum was sung. Vesper services were held in the evening at 7 o'clock.

The new church, which is situated on the northwest corner of Green and Van Ness, is one of the most unique houses of worship in the city. The style of architecture is purely Russian, a striking contrast to the rigid lines of the American houses in the neighborhood. The building cost $25,000. The money was raised by subscription among the membership.

San Francisco Chronicle, Monday, July 12, 1909.


Reprinted in the Holy Trinity Cathedral weekly bulletin on July 11, 1993.

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