To: His Eminence the Most Reverend Platon,

Archbishop of the Aleutian Islands and North America

From: Dean of the Western States,

Priest Theodore Pashkovsky


I consider it to be my duty to respectfully report to your Eminence that the newly-constructed temple in San Francisco was consecrated on June 28 (July 11) to the glory of The Holy and Life-giving Trinity. The consecration was performed by Archimandrite Sebastian [Dabovich, +Apr.30, 1940, in Serbia], head of the Serbian Mission, in con-celebration with Archimandrite Arsenius, of the Greek Church in San Francisco, and Priests, Nicholas Mitropolsky [+Sept. 7, 1921, in San Francisco] and Theodore Pashkovsky.

On this occasion I should dare to testify before your Eminence of the diligent labors of the Church-building committee and especially of the following members:

1) The Consul of the Russian Empire in San Francisco, The Acting State Councilor, Pavel Mikhailovich Kozakevich, who supplemented his labors and his previous donations, already known to your Eminence, with a donation of $250 for the purchase of oil-cloth for the parish hall and for the landscaping of church grounds;

2) The Vice-consul of the Russian Empire, Horatius Harvey Platt, of whose activities and services for our Mission, when the Archbishop's seat was in San Francisco, and of whose aid in transferring the Archbishop's seat to New York, I was happy to relay to your Eminence in my report No.8 on January 23 of this year;

3) The Chairman of the Parish Council in San Francisco, an Orthodox Syrian Arab, Michael George Baida, who constantly assisted the Priest by his participation in the Building Committee and by his donations to the church, including the donation of valuable items which were raffled for $200.00 on the day of consecration;

4) The Trustee of Holy Trinity Cathedral in San Francisco, Adam Versevich, who has always diligently fulfilled his responsibilities in the course of three years, who personally guaranteed a loan for the construction of the church, and who, as a member of the Building Committee, is in charge of fund-raising projects.

Bringing to the attention of your Eminence the foregoing, I humbly ask Your Eminence to consider as completed the activities of the Church-Building Committee and, upon the presentation of the expenditures report, to disband it. The following members deserve to be honored with some kind of sign of attention from Higher Authorities: The Imperial Consul in San Francisco (now, the Consul General in Genoa, Italy), Pavel Kozakevich, - with the rank of Councilor of State, the Imperial Vice-Consul in San Francisco, Horatius Platt, with an Imperial gift, and Baida and Versevich - with the Gramoti of the Most Holy Synod.

The lowly servant of your Eminence,

Priest Theodore Pashkovsky

No. 42, July 9 [22], 1909

San Francisco


[Resolution of Archbishop Platon:]

"April 9, 1910. The representation regarding Platt is made; regarding the others, not. I will be in San Francisco and will check myself. - A.P."


Translated from Russian and published in the Holy Trinity Cathedral weekly bulletin on March 14, 1909.