Members of Zmaj Unite With Larger Organization

Two hundred members of the Servian benevolent society Zmaj united in a body with the Servian-Montenegrin L. and B. society at the recent annual meeting of the latter organization, being received into membership by President John Sherovich of the L. and B. society.

The Servian-Montenegrin L. and B. society now numbers 600 members. It maintains its own cemetery at Colma, has a fund to provide for aged members, widows and orphans, and is now raising money to build a $100,000 headquarters.

After the welcoming of new members the following officers were elected: President, Lazar Churich; vice president, Milos Mandich; treasurer, Vladimir Popovich; recording secretary, Milan G. Stanisich; financial secretary, Theo A. Dabovich; conductor, Savo Gudelj; sergeant at arms, Risto Sherovich; board of directors–Luke Ivankovich, Elia Bojanovich, John Sherovich. Milan Chukovich; physician, C. H. Carlson, M. D.

The San Francisco Call, Wednesday, December 22, 1909, p. 7:1.