Beginning of Orthodox Calendar Celebrated With Solemn Ceremonies



Amid the chiming of bells and the chanting of a Te Deum, the new year was sacredly ushered into the calendar of the holy orthodox Greek-Russian church yesterday morning in the cathedral at Van Ness avenue and Green street.

The ceremony was solemnly impressive with the rites of the church most interesting. Immediately upon the cessation of the chimes the golden gates leading from the inner sanctuary were thrown open and a black robed monk issued forth, followed by a small procession of priests and lesser dignitaries of the church. Through the church the procession passed, chanting prayers until the portals of the inner sanctuary of the bishop were reached.

In the doorway stood the Rev. T. N. Pashkovsky with the upraised emblem of Christianity in his hand, and upon the procession coming in sight of the cross the entire congregation bowed, made the sign of the cross, and as they did so chanted a hymn of praise.

Rev. Mr. Pashkovsky upon entering the church went directly to the golden gates leading to the sanctuary, and after offering up a brief prayer repaired to the throne in the center of the church, where he was assisted in donning his vestments by the assistant priests preparatory to saying mass.

In addition to the celebration of mass in honor of the new year, special services were held to commemorate the circumcision of Christ and also the anniversary of the feast day of St. Basil.

Assisting Rev. Mr. Pashkovsky, who officiate in the absence of Rt. Re, Platon Rojdestvensky, bishop of North America, who is at present in St. Petersburg, was Rev. Z. P. Greezsky.


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