From the Pastor's Journal of Father Theodore Pashkovsky

February 21/March 6, 1910

The Divine Services were celebrated at the usual time and in the appointed manner. At the beginning of Liturgy Archimandrite Sebastian Dabovich entered the altar. Although this seemed rather peculiar, I paid no attention to the matter. After the Communion verse, when it was time for me to receive the Holy Gifts, Archimandrite Sebastian began to vest. Noticing this, I warned him that he was not allowed to serve or preach in my temple. He replied that he desired to receive Communion. I remarked by way of criticism that since he had neither served nor made his confession, he was not permitted to partake of the Holy Gifts, to which he replied that it was his own business. My response to this was that I would not permit him to treat the Holy Things with disrespect. I will not record his further words, as they made no sense. Having communed, I asked Leonid Smith, who was serving in the altar, to stand by the Holy Table and not permit Archimandrite Sebastian to take anything from it, and I began to give a sermon on the time and signs of the second coming of the Son of God and the necessity of being () with false teachers, who deceive even the faithful children of Christ with their ravings about the proximity of the time of the Last Judgment (the Seventh [Day] Adventists). There were about 80 worshippers in the church.

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