From V. Kruglak’s handbook for Russian Immigrants and tourists, 1910


Orthodox Churches and Clergy in America


Diocese of the Aleutian Islands and North America


Diocese is governed by the Most Reverend Platon, Archbishop of the Aleutian Islands and North America (Porfirii Feodorovich Rozhdesrvesky) – son of a priest in Kursk Diocese. Used to be a member of the 2nd State Duma.

Address: His Grace, the Most Reverend Archbishop Platon, 15 East 97th St. New York, N. Y.

First Vicar. The Right Reverend Alexander, Bishop of Alaska (Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Nemolovsky).

Address: The Right Reverend Bishop Alexander, 15 East 97th St. New York, N. Y.

Second Vicar. The Right Reverend Raphael [Hawaweeny]. Bishop of Brooklyn. Chief of the Syro-Arab Mission in America.

Address: The Right Reverend Bishop Raphael, 320 Pacific St. Brooklyn, N. Y.

At the cathedra of the Archbishop of the Aleutian Islands and North America there is a North American Ecclesiastical Consistory.

At the cathedra there is a diocesan warehouse of the church supplies, vestments, candles, liturgical and other books, etc. for furnishing of parishes. The warehouse administrator is the reader Gabriel P. Cherepnin [Archpriest Gabriel Cherepnin died on Oct 3, 1961, in New York.].

The Diocese encludes Russian, Serbian and Syro-Arab parishes in the U. States, Canada and Alaska.

Russian churches in the U. States and Alaska are divided into 6 deaneries, composed of following churches and chapels:


V. Western States Deanery


89. San Francisco, Cal. Trinity, dean archpriest Theodore Pashkovsky, attached priest N[icholas] Metropolsky.

90. Seattle, Wash. Trinity.

91. Wilkeson, Wash. Trinity.

93. Pueblo, Colo. St. Michael’s, priest A[lexander] Kalneff [+Jan 13, 1911].

94. Denver, Colo. Transfiguration, priest D[imitry] Hotovitsky.

95. Calhan, Colo. Dormition, hieromonk Inna (Kibikoff) [Archimandrite Inna + Feb. 4, 1946]

96. Hartshorne, Okla. Ss. Cyrill & Methodius’, hieromonk Gregory (Varlashkin)

97. Galveston, Tex. Ss. Constantine & Helen, archimandrite Theocletis [Triandofilidis, + Oct 22, 1916 in Galveston, TX], reader M. Stroyen. [p. 152]