Rescript of Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess

[New Venerable Martyr] Elizabeth Feodorovna]


Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society


To His Eminence PLATON,

Archbishop of the Aleutian Isles

and North America


Your Eminence,

I impose upon myself the especially pleasant duty of expressing to Your Eminence My cordial gratitude for the very successful collection conducted in the churches under Your jurisdiction on the Palm Sunday of the past 1910 year. This collection was taken for the needs of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society of which I am a president.

The hearty response and sympathy with which You, Vladyko, always relate to our Orthodox Russian cause in the Holy Land, energetically and fruitfully realized by the Palestinian Society, gives Me assurance that in the new 1911 year Your Eminence will also make the necessary order to take a collection for the satisfaction of the urgent needs of Orthodoxy in the Holy Land on the coming Palm Sunday in the churches under Your jurisdiction.

The appeals needed for the collection, sign-up sheets and receipts are enclosed.

I am entrusting Myself to Your hierarchical prayers.

Sincerely disposed towards You,




18 January 1911.

No. 77.

Translated from the Russian and published in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, January 1995.